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If You're Not Paying for It, You're the Product.

Make Money

If you get 10 friends to sign up with your referral code, we will give you free cloud accounting software for life. For every 10 extra sign ups, we will pay you $100.

Automated Emails

Cloud-accounts will automatically send a late payment reminder email to your customers. These email reminders have proven to be one of the best things you can use to get paid faster.

Import Bank Statements

Import your banking transactions to create accurate accounts so you can see how much money you are making and spending. With our freelance accounting software you will never be in the dark.

Plan & Bill Your time

As a FREELANCER or OWNER OPERATOR your real job is to get out there and work. Cloud-accounts is the fastest way to turn a Calendar item into an Invoice. Use any Calendar on any device.


All information is protected from eavesdroppers with SSL encryption. The lock icon in your browser lets you verify that the data in your cloud based software is secure in transit.

Download all your data

We will never keep your information hostage. Download all your data onto your computer as often as you want, this is in a format that can be imported into most accounting packages.

Save time

Share your calendar with clients, they will only see busy or free, they can book your free time and you can accept or decline. Our small business accounting software will handle the rest.

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Permanent job loss and structural adjustments

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Time leaks away while we are too busy to notice

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What our Customers say

As a Freelance Producer Director, I need to manage my time scrupulously to squeeze every dollar out of the day. I use Google Calendar to do this and because it is so tightly integrated with Cloud-accounts, it makes managing my money a breeze.

Tim Nicholls,
Currawong Productions

Cloud Account has changed my life. Previously I had to use three different online programs to do what I now have in Cloud-accounts. Each of these programs cost me double what I am now paying.

John Andrews,
Ja Post

Love the invoicing, I get a real kick out of watching the surprised look on my clients face as they get their invoice within their own invoice tracking portal before I leave their premises. It blows anything else out there away.

Peter Stanton,
Video Editor

I do everything on my IPad these days, cloud-accounts works perfectly on my iPad and I can do all my bookkeeping on the go with the minimum of fuss. Great work, well done!

Toby Davis,
Sound Recordist

You guys have made my life simple by allowing me to give access to my subcontractors, they can log in and do what they need to on my site and they can only access the areas that I allow them to access in order for them to keep track of their work. Thanks for a great app.

Marc Robinsky,
Director of Photography

I am really impressed by the concept of creating jobs from within any of my calendars whether I've got internet at the time or not. Your approach fits my needs better than anything else I've found and at a fraction of the cost.

Adrian Lambert,
Adrian Lambert Photography